We Provide IT Security Services for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Information Assurance

  • Develop Enterprise Cybersecurity Policies, Procedures and Standards, Including DoD compliant Insider Threat Program
  • Document Enterprise Cybersecurity Plans and Security Plan Maintenance
  • Provide Enterprise Cybersecurity Awareness Program Development and Training
  • Manage Enterprise Cybersecurity Lifecyle Continuous Monitoring Program Development
  • Collaborate in System Security Monitoring Procedures Development for Forensic Investigation Compliance

Risk Management

  • Conduct Security and Risk Assessments
  • Perform Vulnerability Security Assessments
  • Evaluate Enterprise Cybersecurity Gap Analysis
  • Develop Security Configuration Checklist Compliance Policies and Testing


  • Execute FISMA Compliance Assessment and Audit
  • Perform Ongoing Security Assessments and Authorizations
  • Ensure Business Contingency Plans, Incident Response Plans and related plans comply with industry and regulatory standards
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